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Our Story

Expertise. Applied.


We apply real-world
expertise to your most critical
growth initiatives. Sounds
simple? Yes…and we intend
to keep it that way.

Greenour consulting model matches your business leaders with our executive-level advisors. Our advisors are not business “theory” generalists, but “been there, done that” experts who bring expertise and experience to your specific business initiatives to drive growth.

When you have a growth strategy to execute, we offer the senior leadership and guidance to help ensure you get the intended results. Our work approach is based on a partnership between your internal resources and teams and our experts. We utilize small, focused teams — typically one to three consultants – to provide the leadership and drive you need to see initiatives through. Unlike traditional consulting models, our experts are your experts that work side-by-side with you on your behalf. Contrast our approach with the way the big consulting firms work – providing you a team of analysts to camp in your office and allowing you occasional access to the most seasoned partners in the firm.

For business executives, our approach translates to confidence that strategic initiatives get done and yield their intended value.


Enough about us, let’s talk
about you. Are we the right
partner for you?

Yes, if your organization is a mid-sized to large organization with a fair degree of operational complexity.

Yes, if you need to execute defined, large-scale strategic growth initiatives such as entering international markets, mergers or giant systems implementation.

Yes, if you’re looking for a more cost-effective alternative to traditional business consulting.


We’ve dedicated the time to
talk to thousands of
executives about strategy,
strategy execution and their
leadership development
needs. Throughout the
process of “walking in their
shoes”, we’ve formed the
following beliefs which
inform and guide the
service we provide.

• Access to expertise and experience is the most critical determinant of success when navigating uncharted paths.

• Companies embarking on critical, once-a-decade, strategic initiatives need a guide to avoid costly mistakes and ensure their initiatives add shareholder value.

• Companies have been conditioned to overspend for that expertise.

• Companies don’t always get what they pay for. Why? It is a direct result of most consulting firm’s business model; which requires a pyramid of consulting resources. Dollar for dollar, the support team vs. the person with the most expertise drives the largest cost to clients.

• BHSIs (Big Honking Strategic Initiatives) often fail due to a lack of experienced leadership. Whether it’s a large systems implementation, a merger integration or the launch of a new product line, execution often falls short. Why? We don’t believe failure stems from a lack of project management. We believe it comes from a lack of project leadership. And when it comes to leadership, experience counts.