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Accelerate Integration to Drive Results.

GreenSo you are on your way to completing a deal in support of your growth strategy. You know it is not going to be an easy proposition to bring these companies together. It is hard enough to manage the decision making and handoffs in a single company with a defined strategy and intact management team. Throw another organization into the mix – a different management team, set of values, approaches to the market, and culture – and things can get difficult quickly. Without a structured approach, the hand offs can become disjointed. Decision making comes to a halt. Customers begin to notice. Pretty soon, the value you purchased begins to erode and you find yourself asking “How is it that 1 + 1 equals 1.5?”

So what makes one deal successful, while most mergers or acquisitions fall well short of recovering even the cost of capital in the deal? After working on hundreds of transactions, we know where the pitfalls are and have designed our M&A approach to avoid them. After experience with over 100 integrations ranging in size from $10 million to $10 billion, we can help you put to work the very best and proven practices in order to achieve results from your next deal. Our clients tell us that our expertise and approach has helped them…

  • Shave months off the integration effort and realize enhanced profitability and revenue synergies earlier.
  • Drive progress and decision making, even before the deal is closed or the organization structure has been defined.
  • Remove barriers to integration that allow results to be realized more quickly.
  • Focus the energy within the organization on customers and competitors – not the internal distractions that accompany any deal.
  • Retain key talent, even in the face of uncertainty and turmoil.
  • Turn the theoretical benefits of the deal into hard dollars – more reliably and faster.

If you’ve got a deal on the horizon call us to discuss one of our senior management briefings on successful Merger and Acquisition Success.

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