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Get More Out of Your Off-Site Strategy Meetings

GreenIn many companies inefficiency, wasted effort, high turnover and poor performance is traceable to one thing—a poorly articulated strategy. Our studies and experience with thousands of executives clearly demonstrate the direct link between ambiguous direction and daily firefighting, employee dissatisfaction, and lower levels of company performance. To help you and your organization prevent these types of problems from arising, we offer consulting services to drive your annual or semi-annual strategy process to a clear conclusion.

At the end of the process, leaders will have a new-found level of consensus about their direction, articulated in a way that is custom suited for bringing the masses on board. Whether your company employs 500 or 5000, our approach can help you unlock the potential in your organization. Our strategy clients report that our approach has helped them…

  • Use facts to define the direction and gain consensus on their strategy
  • Incorporate lower cost methods to test the strategy, such as Strategic Experimentation
  • Drive more efficient execution of those priorities that actually yield results
  • Further engage leaders at all levels of the organization

If you want to get more out of an upcoming strategy process, call us for a conversation on what makes strategy and strategy execution work, or to discuss our Senior Management Briefing on Strategic Experimentation — a proven approach for refining and improving the effectiveness of your strategies through market feedback, so that you can be sure what you’re committing to will actually work.

Don’t Settle for Another Failed Offsite Strategy Meeting

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